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Family To The Rescue - My Baby Is Up All Night

Oh, I so remember when I brought the kids home from hospital I became a walking zombie. Especially with my first child. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed sleeping. I was lucky that my husband was there to take some of the burden off.

We decided to take turns since I was not breastfeeding.  He would get up then I would get up. We did this for the first week. Yes, I was tired and sleep deprived. That's when it came to me. Family!

If you have family supporting you or even friends then you will have it made. I was so attached that I would have them come by during the day and while I took a shower they babysit. If I was really tired and they were able to be there for an hour or so then you take a nap.

That will give them time to spoil your little one and hopefully wear them out. That way you can rest and be ready for the next round. Newborns will sleep a lot for the first couple of weeks so you have to adjust to there schedule.

You can do it. Don't panic and if you feel you need help call someone. It doesn't do baby or you any good if you are tired and frustrated. It does get easier I promise.

Author: BDO's Anita Williams