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Living With Stretch Marks

Pregnant and stretch marks go hand in hand. No matter how much lotion or creams you use you are bound to have them. For me I had them on the lower part of my stomach. The doctor told me to use Palmers. It did in fact help but, after my first child I knew that they could not be prevented.

My husband and I called them love marks. I was glad that he wasn't freaked out about them. I tried everything I could get my hands on. It seemed like I was putting some kind of lotion or cream on my belly 20 times a day.

That's when I realized that they were here to stay. As I have gotten older they have faded some. When I was in my 20's I loved going to the tanning bed. It seemed to really help in camouflaging them. Unless you looked really close most of the time you could not see them.

I joke about them now. Telling the kids to look how bad my stomach stretched out when pregnant. My husband says that it is something I will always carry with me reminding me of the joys and pains of pregnancy. That's why I love him so much. He always makes me feel so pretty even when I thought stretch marks were like a bad thing.

If a couple of stretch marks is all you get during pregnancy then you are lucky. If you do find yourself wanting to put creams or lotions on I recommend Palmers. Especially after a nice long shower. It smells great also.

Author: BDO's Anita Williams